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Check how to export your product to the EU at My export

Why we offer this service

The EU is committed to helping developing countries tie their economies more firmly to global trade flows. In practical terms, it does this through its preferential trade arrangements.

Although it is possible for exporters in developing countries to export to the EU without quota restrictions or duty payments, some specific technical requirements remain.

The Export Helpdesk is here to provide developing countries with the information you need to fully benefit from the export opportunities provided.

You can get this information by entering the specific code of your product in the My export search form on the home page. If you do not know your product's code, you can browse the Harmonised System or search with keywords in the search form.

This search will give you detailed information on the import requirements for your product:

  • specific requirements (e.g. plant health, public health, labelling, etc.)
  • internal taxes (VAT and excise duties) applicable in the 28 EU Member States
  • relevant laws, national authorities, border inspection posts

The information is based on EU law. Where there is no EU law applicable to your product, national law in the importing country will apply. In that case, the search result will say "no specific requirement". For further details you should contact the authorities of the destination country.

Disclaimer: This site is an informal guide to exporting to the EU. We try to keep the information here as comprehensive and up-to-date as possible, but to consult the official texts of the EU laws, follow the links on this site or go directly to the EU law database.