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The EU and Georgia signed an Association Agreement and have applied it provisionally since 1 September 2014.

In terms of preferential market access Georgia benefits from GSP+, a special incentive which rewards sustainable development and good governance (GSP+) with advantageous access to the EU market. Given the deep and comprehensive free trade area (DCFTA) the EU and Georgia have established, GSP+ will apply to Georgia until 31 August 2016. This transition period allows business to adjust to the new preferential trade regime provided by the DCFTA.

In terms of Rules of Origin Georgian exporters can optionally apply those for GSP if the preferences used are those of the GSP scheme or, those defined for the free trade area if the preferences used are those of the FTA.

Georgia is also a partner country of the Eastern Partnership within the European Neighborhood Policy. In 2014, the EU and Georgia agreed on the priorities for reform in Georgia (see Association Agenda). The set priorities are based on the new Association Agreement between the EU and Georgia.

Georgia is a member of the World Trade Organisation since 2000.