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Agricultural Products

Imports of some agricultural products must be accompanied by an import licence. These licences allow the EU authorities to monitor trade flows and administer tariff Quotas and safeguard measures.

To obtain a licence, importers must apply to the competent authorities of the EU country of import and pay a deposit (returnable on giving proof of import).

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Textiles can be freely imported into the EU – except for some products from Belarus, which are subject to checks (export licence issued in the country of origin + import licence issued in the importing EU country) or surveillance (documentation must be submitted before importation).

Iron and steel products

All imports of iron and steel are subject to prior Union surveillance. Importers of certain iron and steel products are obliged to provide the EU surveillance document issued by the competent authorities in the Member States when the net weight of imports exceeds 2500 kg.

Products originating in Norway, Iceland and Liechtenstein are exempted from the presentation of this document.