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The Export Helpdesk communication tool-kits aim to assist business in searching, understanding and promoting the exports to the EU. They are regularly updated and include general presentations as well as country and sector-specific information.

Selecting your country on the input form below to access all available information applying to your case, including:

  • Power Point presentations and speaker notes
  • brochures and factsheets
  • examples and success stories
  • press notes and useful links for journalists
  • logos, posters and postcards
  • glossaries, FAQs and user guides

Terms of use: All content in these communication tools is the property of the European Commission, but may be used free of charge to generate communication material about the Export Helpdesk and EU trade facilitation programmes. The material may not be used to promote private actions or products, nor for anything unrelated to EU trade facilitation programmes. Any abusive use of this material may be prosecuted